Tuesday, November 17, 2009

101 in 1001

learn how to make a pie
2. Learn how to make a cheesecake
3.Try one new recipe a month (0/30)

House & Home
4. Keep at least one plant alive (ivy?)
5. Keep my car for 3 weeks - inside and out
6. clean out my desk
7. clean out my closet
8. Wash dishes every night for 2 weeks (0/2)
9. Make curtains for my room... possibly living room
10. Clean out craft bin
11. Figure out a "life plan"

For the Best of Me:
12. Read the Bible at its entirety
13. get up and stretch each morning for 2 weeks
14.excersize 4 times a week for a month
15. follow the food pyramid to a "T" for 3 days (0/3)
16.dont eat any sweets 3 days out of the project (0/3)
17. get a manicure & Pedicure
18. get new eyeglasses
19. Do a teeth whitening program
20.Learn CPR
21 Drink 8 Glasses of water for 3 days (0/3)
22 Make a prayer journal
23 Tithe Every week that i go to church
24 Blog once a week
25 ind a job
26 start bachelor degree @ university (Spring 2011?)
27 Vaccuum once a week for a month (0/4)
28 Make my own bread

29 Go to a hot air balloon festival
30 Go to the Deaf assisted living home 4 times a year (0/8)
31 go to a concert
32 Go to at least one professional game
33 go to the zoo
34 go to the botanical gardens
35 go to a college football game
36 Go to a museum

37 take a picture every day for a month enter into 6 photo contests (0/6)
38 Learn how to use photoshop properly...... for the majority
39 Enter items in State fair contests 0/2
40 Sell a photo
41 get a website for my photos
42 upload most photos online- (photobucket?)
43 make a real photo portfolio
44 Get out old film camera, take pics, and then get them developed.
45 Print various pics for mom
46 Digiti-fy some of my photos of when i was a kid (scan)
47 Learn how to photograph portraits
48 Learn a photography skill once a month (0/30)

TO Do/ Buy
49 get laptop fixed
50 Go camping
51 get a new monitor for computer
52 Get a phone
53 Get a sewing machine
54 Get a external hard drive
55 buy a shredder
56 Back up data from computer
57 Get a library card
58 get something from the library each month after i get a library card
59 frame 5 photos
60 Get a small digital camera
61 Get coins into paper money, or put it in savings
62 get a family portrait, with parents and brother
63 go to a festival

For FUn:
64. Learn to play a new instrument
65 Watch the stars
66 go fishing
67. Start a sketch book.... and then start sketching
68.Learn how to paint
69. Go to a driving range to hit golf balls
70. go play a real golf game.
71. go to a drive in theater
72. plan and execute the perfect date with simon.
73. plan a surprise
74. host a game night
75. learn how to make a peice of clothing for myself
76. Fly somewhere...
77 Fly a kite
78. Learn 5 ASL signs a week... (0/130)
79. finish college scrapbook
80. take vitamins every day for month
81. Get a jewelery box
82 Get some high heels, and learn how to wear them.....
83. work on finish to the date mine and Simon's scrapbook.
84. Learn how to use Chop sticks
85. Spend an afternoon in a local coffeeshop
86. perform a song with my brother (him singing, me doing sign language)
87. Make my bed for 3 weeks (0/3)

88 save $100 a month for the duration of the project (0/30)

For The best of everyone
89. Buy and send out/give 10 'just because' gifts (0/10)
90. Give food/clothing to the needy 4 times a year (0/10)
91. Start recycling more
92.Learn how to drive a stick shift
93 Write 3 letters of complaint of food / service (0/3)
94 Write 3 letters of praise of food/service (0/3)
95. start working on posture
96. Make sure im on the right track for UNT (talk to a counselor up there)
97. do a charity walk once a year (0/2)
98. buy something online... preferably via etsy.
99. Pray for someone everyday.

100. Have someone inspired enough to make a 101 for themselves
101 Start a 101 on day 1001 (or day 1002?)

Goals Should be completed by August 16, 2012.
We shall see how it goes....

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